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At present, COVID-19 is raging all over the world. The United States has become one of the countries with the most severe pandemic. Faced with the crisis of shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), many frontline medical workers do not have enough PPE to protect themselves, and even their lives are threatened.

However, we are not alone in this combat. AMZ Foundation understands the challenges and uncertainties that many of us are facing and each of us needs to give a share of strength to fight against this crisis.

Here, AMZ Foundation calls on everyone to join us and work together to fight COVID-19. This pandemic cannot block the hearts of the people. As long as we are all together, we are able to overcome the challenges and difficulties!

AMZ Foundation Donation Schedule

AMZ Foundation is looking for trusty organization/labs who can provide the performance testing for the face masks we are going to donate and distribute. Once the testing results achieve standards, the AMZ Foundation will distribute masks and other essential supplies free of charge at the following locations. Residents in need are welcome to pick up the supplies nearby.

TIME Pick up location

Volunteers Needed

If some organizations can recruit volunteers who can distribute free face masks in public areas, please contact

Free Pickup Locations Needed

If some organizations can provide free pickup locations to help distribute free face masks in public areas, please contact

For any questions regarding to the AMZ Foundation, please contact

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