Data Security

Protect privacy

Our data is stored in a high-defense server center in California,and user data is stored encrypted to ensure that no one or organization can steal your and other user's data during your use of the service.

We have always regarded the information security and privacy protection of users as the foundation of our existence, and strive to protect privacy in the process of information processing, and you will be informed when you make a choice. The products we design and develop fully comply with the relevant requirements of current privacy and data security laws and regulations.

Block malicious users

Block Objectionable Content

We like to ensure that our customers are having a fun and friendly experience. We take the safety of our users seriously, and if we receive feedback from our users pertaining to the same user publishing content that violates our policy, we will block the user and ban them from using our product.

If any user publishes offensive content in the product, we will monitor it in time and adopt appropriate strategies to eliminate the offensive content. If you think something has offended you, you are also welcome to report it using the feedback feature in the product.

Delete own data

Welcome to report security vulnerabilities

If one day you do not want to continue to use this product, you will be able to choose to delete your data in this product, thereby deleting all your data in the database, including but not limited to personal information, photos, blogs, relationship chains, chat records, Hardware binding records and more.

We are dedicated to ensuring your safety throughout your platform experience. Should you encounter any issues, please reach out to us promptly via contact or utilize the feedback feature. Your well-being is our top priority.


all over the world


¡El equipo de AMZ fue muy rápido y receptivo! Las pautas de la comunidad de AMZ aseguran que cada usuario pueda expresarse y encontrar comunidad, pero no a expensas de los demás. ¡Priorizan la amabilidad y el respeto!

From Spain


Je suis un créateur de contenu sur la communauté AMZ. Quelqu'un a divulgué mes informations personnelles. L'équipe a exclu le gars dès le lendemain et a banni son adresse IP. Je n'ai jamais eu ce genre de réaction de la part d'Onlyfans. C'est une victoire rare car la plupart des plateformes prennent parti pour l'utilisateur. Je suis heureux d'avoir cet endroit comme mon nouveau centre de contenu !

From France


I believe there is no equality without respect, and that’s where all healthy relationships start. AMZ really provides opportunities to connect with other users safely and easily. In short, safe respectful online community AMZ.

From America